Tanks & Towers

HINLAR 120HHINLAR Cell Site Services specializes in installing tower hardware as well as upgrading and repairing cell towers and water tanks. HINLAR has installed numerous Stealth corrals across the Southeastern US and strives for perfection in each detail of our work. Our attention to detail and consistent quality performance has made HINLAR a preferred go to vendor for carriers, tower owners, and turf vendors for sites located in the Southeastern US.


Tanks & Towers

Tanks & Towers

  • Survey – perform initial green site visit and document current conditions, verify scope of work required to get site ready for construction.
  • Clearing & Grading – clearsite and grade to specifications provided by the site owner.
  • Initial Construction – install rock; plan and install fencing and gates.
  • Access Roads – repair washouts and vandalism; construct new access roads; ditch and culvert installation.
  • Concrete – frame and pour tower foundations, shelter & cabinet pads, and generator pads.
  • Towers – set Molopoles, Self-Support and Stealth Poles.
  • Landscaping – install trees and other plants to help conceal site ground level from close neighbors.


  • Line & Antenna – install coax, fiber, and power lines on towers, water tanks, roof tops.
  • Shelters & Cabinets – install racks, cable trays, grounding/bonding, DC power plants, fiber.
  • Ice Bridge – set poles and install ice bridge and associated supports.
  • Jumpers – build custom jumpers.
  • Lighting Systems – install tower and ground lighting systems.
  • Security – install camera systems for site surveillance to help deter theft.


  • Line & Antenna – RF testing, alarm troubleshooting, equipment failure.
  • Testing – Sweep, PIM, and Fiber testing by certified operators.
  • Tower Structural – structural inspection, reinforcement, strengthening.Ellis Blvd Riser Install 148
  • Equipment Changes – replace failed equipment or equipment requiring updating by carrier or owner.
  • Generators – provide scheduled maintenance as documented by the manufacturer; troubleshooting, and repair.

Structural Upgrades & Modifications

  • Cross Members – install additional cross members for added strength.
  • Dry Riser – repair existing dry riser and install new dry riser in water tanks.
  • Penetrations – custom penetrations on tanks, towers, and shelters.
  • Hand Rails – custom hand rail construction and repair.
  • Stealth Corrals – install custom stealth corrals to conceal antennas.

Electricalconcrete slab

  • Grounding – install ground rings, cad weld to fence posts & shelter/cabinet ground bars.
  • Meter Bases – install meter bases for multi-carrier sites.
  • Batteries – DC power & battery installation and maintenance.
  • Lights – install tower and ground lighting systems.

Project Management

  • Site Management – PM’s located throughout Southeastern US.
  • Material Management – 12,000 square foot warehouse located in Moultrie, GA.
  • Staging Services – receive and stage equipment and materials from multiple vendors; stage by site.