Directional Boring

hinlar-uc-logoHINLAR provides underground construction services for the Cable, Telecommunications, Wireless, and Gas Line industries. Our goal is to offer our customers a quality service that focuses on all of their underground construction needs. The implementation, maintenance, and integrity of your project is our top priority – we understand the importance of meeting delivery schedules and making sure that your project flows as smoothly as possible. Our dedicated project management team and skilled operators ensure that your project requirements are met while maintaining our commitment to safety.


Directional Boring

Directional boring drills are typically used to bury conduit over long spans where the ground is either inaccessible or is unable to be broken by a trencher (such as parking lots, highways, and rivers). Multiple conduits can be easily installed at one time and the ground above the newly installed conduit remains undisturbed. Directional boring is possible in soft dirt through solid rock. Mud vacuums are often used in the boring process to help remove dirt and debris from the bore.


Trenching tractors use special blades to churn up soil and rock and create a trench. We typically dig trenches that vary from 6″-12″ wide at a depth of 24″-60″. Once the trench has been dug, the conduit will either be unreeled as the tractor goes or be laid in the trench by crew members and back filled by hand or by using a tractor. Trenching is typically used along rural roads, fields, and new construction zones.

Gas Pipeline Installation

HINLAR also installs plastic and steel gas lines. Our skilled management team has experience in open trenching, joint trenching, and directional boring (1-32″). HINLAR takes a professional approach to safety and quality, which is a driving force in ensuring that we complete each job safely, on time, and within specification.

Additional Services Offered

  • Road & Highway Boring
  • Residential Driveway Boring
  • Parking Lot Boring
  • Inter-duct (Conduit) Placement
  • Micro Trenching